What are the Benefits of Chiropractic Care?

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Trained to treat the health and wellbeing of patients overall, chiropractors strongly believe that no one should suffer with pain, misalignments, or other chronic ailments. And yet, over 70 million adults do suffer from some kind of ongoing pain. Our mission as chiropractors is to understand and fully utilize alternative methods of treatment that relieve pain and other conditions without using medication or invasive procedures such as surgery. From chronic back and neck pain to sports injuries or accidents, chiropractic care has many different benefits. 

Using physical manipulation, a skilled practitioner can realign and readjust your body, relieving conditions affecting everything from bones and connective tissue to joints and muscles. Skilled professional chiropractic care is beneficial to a wide variety of bodily issues.

Improvement of Neck Pain

Spinal realignment can ease tension and relax the neck. Neck pain is all too common for patients who sit at a desk for a significant amount of time daily. 

Reduce or Eliminate Reliance on Pain Relievers

Patients with chronic conditions may be prescribed opioids or steroidal pain relief quite commonly in regard to spinal pain. Chiropractic care can lower or eliminate the need for this type of pain relief through natural realignment. 

Eases or Eliminates Back Pain Including Lower Back Pain

Even if surgical solutions or steroidal injections have been discussed, chiropractic care can be an effective alternative to these more invasive techniques for back pain sufferers.

Reduce Symptoms of Osteoarthritis 

When osteoarthritis pain occurs due to cartilage degeneration, chiropractic treatment can help, by aligning joints to reduce friction when bones rub due to cartilage loss. Additionally, chiropractic care can slow cartilage loss and the onset of osteoarthritis itself. 

Relieve Headaches

If tension headaches or headaches originating in the neck are a chronic issue, cervical and spinal manipulation can relieve the pain. Spinal manipulation may be effective at treating tension headaches and any headaches that originate in your neck.

Reduction of Scoliosis Deformity

Patients with symptoms of scoliosis have found improvement in this spinal deformity.

Posture Improvement

Poor posture, especially that caused by excessive sitting, can benefit from chiropractic care which works to relieve pain, headaches caused by poor posture, and can improve posture overall. 

Assist with Athletic Performance

Spinal adjustments can also positively affect athletic performance by increasing joint mobility,  lessening the restriction of tissue, and relaxing the tight muscles. 

Assists with the Treatment of Injury

Whether caused by a sports injury or an automobile accident, chiropractic adjustment can ease pain and facilitate cure by adjusting any misalignments in the body. It is especially effective with healing pain caused by these injuries as well as realigning injured areas.

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