Neck Pain

Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain in Stuart, FL

The neck is an incredibly integral and vulnerable part of the body with a very wide range of motion. This delicate part is made up of nerves, joints, muscles and bones that provides support for the head, which is the same weight as a bowling ball. Anything from sleeping incorrectly to poor posture or injury from an auto accident or sports can cause neck pain or stiffness. Though more than one quarter of adults in the U.S. experience neck pain and the pain can spread to other areas such as the shoulder, head, arms or hands, it is not usually the indication of a more serious health issue unless it lasts for many months. It will usually resolve itself within a few days or weeks. In any case, persistent neck pain should be examined and the cause determined if not for personal health, happiness and relief but to ensure it does not continue or worsen.

Neck Pain


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Symptoms of neck pain can range from minor to extreme, even causing difficulty performing activities such as dressing, concentrating or sleeping. The length of time that neck pain affects you is classified into three different kinds. Acute pain is defined as pain lasting less than 4 weeks, subacute pain is defined as pain lasting 4-12 weeks and chronic pain is defined as pain lasting more than 3 months.

The onset of neck pain can manifest in a few different ways. It can occur slowly over time, beginning more mild and increasing towards the end of the day or repeating and increasing over a period of time. Following an injury, neck pain can occur immediately after or some days later. Neck pain can also occur suddenly without warning or any previous signs.

Neck Pain


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Neck Pain

Neck pain is very common condition that Dr. Kenyon evaluates and treats daily in our office.   In order to treat this condition effectively and successfully, diagnosing the source of the issue is imperative.   The cause can be due to host of issues that may or may not seem related.  Through a thorough review of history, orthopedic exam, and evaluating X-rays, Dr. Kenyon is able to pinpoint the problem, and in most cases is able to treat and eradicate the issue through but not limited to spinal adjustments, physical therapy, and home exercise programs. 

Every patient is different and we at Stuart Spine Center cater to the specific needs of our patients.   Communication is key for success.  We leave no stone unturned when investigating into a patients condition.   Our goal is to safely and quickly get you back to doing the things you love and helping to express your bodies full potential. 

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