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Auto accidents have the propensity to majorly impact your life both mentally and physically. Even small impact accidents can cause a myriad of health conditions. Unfortunately, if you have been involved in a personal injury or auto accident, back and neck pain is an extremely likely side effect. You may experience whiplash, headaches, herniated or bulging discs, muscle and nerve pain and many other ailments that are not always present immediately after an accident has occurred. Sometimes, symptoms can take hours, days or even weeks to become present depending on the accident. Many turn to a chiropractor for car accident injuries or consultation to realign their bodies to restore wellness without invasive surgery or medications. Neck and back pain tend to be the most common injuries sustained during an auto accident and are ideal for an auto accident chiropractor to treat.

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How Chiropractic care can help

After an auto accident

Most times, an auto accident can cause the musculoskeletal system to be knocked out of alignment due to the force. This is especially true with a rear impact collision, where the abrupt forward and backward motions can cause strain, soreness and stiffness, particularly in the cervical part of the spine, also known as whiplash. Chiropractic care is non-invasive and drug- free. There is no need for medications that typically only mask the condition, instead of healing the condition. Using a chiropractor for auto accident injuries can reduce inflammation in the body, restore mobility and prevent further pain and injury. Inflammation can slow the healing process because nutrients and blood have a harder time navigating to the areas they need to go. Through chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy, the discomfort caused by inflammation can be drastically reduced. Pressure can also be relieved on the muscles and nerves, restoring alignment to the spine. Being treated after an auto accident can help reduce scar tissue development and the long-term effects of whiplash. These conditions typically cause stiffness and discomfort that eventually turns into chronic ailments. A car accident chiropractor that specializes in dealing with an auto accident injury and can help you to recover from your physical traumas to heal in the most comprehensive manner.

Neck Pain


Whiplash injury is the most common injury that most people will experience with a car accident trauma. The majority of whiplash injuries result from driving less than 12 mph. When the neck is whipped in an abrupt backwards to forward motion, this is whiplash. It can cause herniation, disc bulging, injured bones in the spine, damaged nerves, pulled ligaments and muscles and subluxation, which is a misalignment of spinal vertebrae. The symptoms of whiplash can range widely from neck, shoulder, back and arm pain to headaches, blurred vision, ringing in the ears, dizziness, numbness and loss of range of motion or pain during range of motion. Over 50 percent of individuals diagnosed with whiplash experience chronic pain 20 years after the initial injury without the appropriate care.

The goal of whiplash treatment is to control pain and restore normal range of motion. Treatment will depend on the severity and pain management methods such as rest, ice or heat,over-the-counter and prescription medications and injections. Physical therapy, exercise, massage and chiropractic care may also be used along with these pain management to ensure a complete solution.

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