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If you experience back pain, neck pain or headaches, it can be difficult to enjoy a quality of life, especially if the pain is constant or severe. Many people visit a chiropractor in the effort to help relieve these kinds of pains and others in the body. Chiropractic care is well known for being able to eliminate or greatly reduce the amount of pain that a person endures without invasive surgery or medications. Through manual adjustments to the spine and other alternative treatment solutions, mobility can be restored to joints and pain can be relieved in muscles, bones, cartilage and tissues. The idea is that by properly aligning the spine, the body is encouraged to heal itself naturally. At Stuart Spine Center, we specialize in progressive rehabilitation, meaning we often pair chiropractic adjustments with additional physical therapies to aid in a more comfortable and quicker recovery. Dr. Alyssa Kenyon will create a treatment plan tailored to your body’s needs to ensure that you are receiving the best technique for your specific condition.

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What is a

Chiropractic Adjustment?

At Stuart Spine Center, Dr. Alyssa Kenyon performs chiropractic adjustments, also known as spinal manipulation. Prior to the chiropractic adjustment, joint movements throughout the entire body are evaluated to determine if any joint restrictions are present. Spinal manipulation will restore mobility in any restricted joints or any areas that are misaligned. If sections of the spine are misaligned for extended periods of time, nerve damage, inflammation and chronic issues, such as degeneration, may start to form. Misalignment can happen for many reasons, ranging from injury and stress to poor posture and even originate from our favorite recreational activities. The common adjustment typically includes a very shallow thrust which may or may not result in an audible “pop”. This sound is created by the movement of “air bubbles” naturally located within our joint/synovial fluid.

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What Other Additional Treatments May Be Used?

There are several techniques when it comes to performing chiropractic adjustments, sometimes using a gentle touch and sometimes using tools/medical equipment. We pair chiropractic adjustments with additional supporting treatments and physical therapies to ensure the best results for each patients specific needs. These treatments can include:

Manual therapy addresses muscle and soft tissue pain and joint stiffness. The main benefits of manual therapy are improvement in range of motion, calming of tense/spasming muscles and increased blood flow. The overall goal of manual therapy is to restore functionality and relieve pain by using natural body movements and a hands-on approach.

Therapeutic ultrasound is used in many medical offices to treat a wide range of conditions. We use ultrasound to reduce inflammation, relax tissues, encourage blood flow, break down scar tissue and help speed up healing time. Ultrasound is performed with a machine that has an ultrasound transducer. A small amount of gel is applied to the particular body part and the therapist slowly moves the sound head in a small circular direction on your body.

Electrical muscle stimulation can help treat musculoskeletal injuries. EMS works by transmitting currents to targeted muscle groups through stick on medical equipment. EMS is wonderful for reducing chronic pain, strengthening muscles, increasing range of motion and assists in improving the longevity of your chiropractic adjustments. For anyone that is new to EMS, many patients explain the feeling of EMS as a “dull tingling”.

Therapeutic exercises are workouts that include a combination of stretching and strengthening.
These exercises will be specific to each individual patient to target the correct areas and will be
taught in office by Dr. Kenyon or one of our therapy staff members so that you can continue to
do them at home. These exercises can help decrease pain, prevent muscle deterioration,
promote joint health, increase strength, stability, and range of motion, and protect against new
or recurring injuries.

Kinesiology Tape provides extended soft tissue manipulation to help further the effects of physical therapy exercises and the physical manipulation of muscles and joints by a doctor or therapist. “K-Tape” can be worn for several days at a time and has many benefits including providing support to sore muscles, stabilizing injuries as they heal and providing relief for swelling.

Cryotherapy (Ice Therapy) is almost always recommended over heat when it comes to back and neck ailments because discs in your spine respond to heat by swelling, causing increased inflammation and pain. Ice therapy will do the opposite, it will help reduce inflammation which will decrease pain and can aid in helping with muscle spasms and cramping as well.

At Stuart Spine Center, our goal is to restore wellness and help to relieve pain and discomfort and chiropractic care can be the comprehensive solution to the pain that you may be going through. Whether you have undergone an injury from an accident, sports or everyday functioning, Dr. Alyssa Kenyon and her trained team can help to create the optimal plan for your unique needs. The sooner we begin treatment, the sooner we can alleviate any pain and muscle tightness and get you back to doing the things that you love!

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