Shoulder Pain

The shoulders are able to complete a wide range of motion by way of joints in the humerus in your upper arm, scapula in your shoulder blades and clavicle in your shoulder bone. The humerus fits into the scapula socket on either side of the body and each shoulder is organized by a group of muscles and tendons, also known as the rotator cuff, which also protects the humerus and allows you to move and raise your arm. Everyday use, injury, overuse and aging can contribute to shoulder pain and treatment for shoulder pain will depend on severity and cause. Because the shoulder has the greatest range of motion, it is more susceptible to potential issues. Those over the age of 60 and those who play sports are more likely to have shoulder problems but many times, shoulder pain relief is able to be achieved at home. However, in some cases surgery may be necessary.

Symptoms of

Shoulder Pain

man at gym grabbing shoulder in pain
Causes Of

Shoulder Pain

There are many potential causes of shoulder pain. Injuries are the most common cause of shoulder pain and can be the result of bruising, strains, fractures, subluxation, impingement, dislocation and separation. A fall or a hard blow can tear the ligaments and cause pain that can be severe, especially in the rotator cuff. Arthritis is also a common source of shoulder pain, causing damage to the protective lining in joints and cartilage to break down between bones and rub together to cause stiffness or pain. Tendinitis is another major cause of shoulder pain that occurs when the rotator cuff is inflamed, which can happen gradually over time or as the result of a fall or direct hit to the shoulder.

Treatment For

Shoulder Pain

Minor shoulder pain can usually be achieved through self care treatment at home. This can include rest, ice or heat or over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. An injection such as corticosteroids may be used in severe cases to relieve swelling and pain and are administered directly into the shoulder. Dislocations, separations and fractures will likely require a sling or possibly surgery. As with many other joint and muscle issues, chiropractic care for shoulder pain can be an ideal solution for those that are looking to avoid surgery or medications. A chiropractor for shoulder pain can help to reduce or relieve pain, improve range of motion, increase flexibility and restore function in the shoulder. Chiropractic adjustments are able to encourage natural healing in the body so that there is improved nervous system function.

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