Can Chiropractic Care Really Improve My Golf Swing?

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It has long been discussed how golf greats like Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods have sought chiropractic care throughout their career. Many may tell you it was to manage the aches and pains of the game while the athletes themselves will tell you it was to keep their game strong on many levels. Research studies have even concluded that regular chiropractic care can improve the overall level of performance of your golf swing. 

Prevent Injuries

It doesn’t matter how much you have perfected your golf swing – an injury will set you back. And, the most common complaint from golfers is chronic back pain. The best thing you can do is to seek preventative care to stop injuries before they happen. 

Unlike professional golfers who are constantly training and conditioning, many recreational golfers head out to the green on the weekends or sporadically through the week. There may be some stretching and warming up, but this is usually rare. A few hours going hole to hole and the muscles will really feel it the next day — especially those in the shoulder and back. 

Golf is a game of repetitive motions that constantly involves unilateral torquing of the spine every time you swing. In one round of golf, you may swing a hundred times or more! If you have an amateur swing, weak muscles around your spine, and you fail to stretch and warm-up, there are going to be problems. 

Achieve Balance

Professional golfers look like a perfectly balanced spinning top because the body works best when the spine is in a neutral, balanced position. On the other hand, if you’ve ever seen amateur golfers at a driving range, they look like unbalanced tops ready to topple over due to their lack of support. This means extra wear and tear for everything in your back – muscles, discs, ligaments, etc. 

The more you continue to play golf in this condition, the greater damage you may do to your back. The repeated stretching of a muscle, ligament, or disc can lead to even greater issues strains and sprains. 

So many people – including golfers – wait until they are feeling pain and hobble their way in to see their chiropractor. However, with regular chiropractic care, this pain can be avoided. It gives your body good alignment, keeping your core strong and stable. Regular chiropractic care not only keeps you feeling your very best – and playing your very best – but it will also help prevent any future injuries, too. 

Titleist Performance Institute

The Titleist Performance Institute, referred to as TPI, was designed to study the relationship between the body and golf swings. Lots of research and data conclude that every person has a different swing based on their body and physical ability. So, improving your golf swing requires an individual approach.

A certified TPI Professional can assess your swing, your physical fitness, the quality of your movement, current health, and previous history. From this, issues with your swing can be determined to be a pain- or performance-related. 

A thorough treatment plan will be drawn up that may include all or any combination of things such as regular chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, coaching of swing mechanics, fitness training, nutrition, and mental strategy. 

You will be on your way to a better swing. 

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